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Lana Winter Barefoot Zero Drop Boots

Lana Winter Barefoot Zero Drop Boots

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  • Ideal for hiking and everyday life
  • Wide toe box to avoid misalignment
  • Zero-drop sole to improve posture
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Wide Toebox

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Say goodbye to cold feet

Cold feet, swollen toes, and big, uncomfortable shoes that hurt and may create future foot issues from bad posture are all common difficulties. Your feet will get fatigued after wearing these painful, frequently astronomically priced shoes for an extended period of time.

Warm and soft fleece lining

The fluffy, warm fleece lining and the incredibly soft barefoot sole of these barefoot shoes enable them to conform perfectly to your feet and ensure an incredibly warm, comfortable wearing experience. Cold toes and cold-related foot pain are no longer an issue!

Solid Firm Grip

Thanks to the non-slip barefoot sole, you can move freely on any surface without slipping and feel connected to nature while your feet stay comfortably warm.

The natural barefoot feeling also helps restore natural gait, effectively heal pain and foot abnormalities, and improve foot and calf muscles. It offers optimal traction in the mountains, on cold asphalt or on the way to work.

Waterproof and Extremely Flexible

Damp and cold feet can lead to frostbite, athlete's foot and "cold pain" in winter. That's why it's important that your feet always stay dry, especially when you're outdoors for a long time.

Designed with optimal flexibility in mind, these winter barefoot shoes are designed to be winterproof and waterproof from the ground up to keep your feet dry and comfortable all winter long.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Chloe V.

Lightweight, cozy, absolutely perfect for the outdoors!

Emma H.

Winter-approved and ready for action!

Noah H.

The design is simple and chill.

Michael M.

The Lana boots are like a second skin for my feet. It's unbelievable how comfy they are!

Sophia R.

These shoes are something else—they make walking feel so easy and natural. I can stroll for hours without any stress, and that's something I'm really thankful for.