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Heated Insole

Heated Insole

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  • Ideal for hiking and everyday life
  • Wide toe box to avoid misalignment
  • Zero-drop sole to improve posture

✅ Breathable and cozy feet all winter long.

✅ Warm and sweat-absorbent for ultimate comfort

✅ Pain-free winter steps with these soft insoles

Warm and cozy winter insole

Start the new season with a warm and comfortable winter dream. Designed to provide ultimate comfort and insulation, these insoles are your perfect companions for cold days. They are made of 100% wool, which provides a luxurious feel while retaining body heat to keep your feet cozy and warm. Whether you're exploring a snowy landscape or enjoying a relaxing evening indoors, our winter insoles will ensure that every step is a comfortably warm one.

Simply perfect for any pair of shoes

This pair of insoles made of innovative, sweat-absorbing and wrinkle-free honeycomb material can be cut to the desired insole size. It has a dual action to preserve the natural warmth of the foot and prevent the penetration of cold from the outside into the shoe. Yet the insole is thin enough to fit into any pair of shoes or boots.

High quality ergonomic insole

The U-shaped heel cup fits snugly against the heel and relieves pressure on the bottom of the foot for ultimate comfort. Carefully crafted to support the natural contours of your feet, you can wear your shoes immediately and enjoy instant comfort and protection.

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