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Arcticstep® Winter Pro - Warm & Fleece-Lined Women Barefoot Winter Shoes

Arcticstep® Winter Pro - Warm & Fleece-Lined Women Barefoot Winter Shoes

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  • Ideal for hiking and everyday life
  • Wide toe box to avoid misalignment
  • Zero-drop sole to improve posture
Women's Size
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Embrace Warmth This Winter With Fleece Barefoot Shoes


Discover Our Arctic Winter Barefoot shoes, incorporating state-of-the-art fleece warming that captures heat, designed to maintain a lasting warmth without socks. The substantial plush lining adeptly retains whilst walking, ensuring premium insulation and designed to alleviate knee pain, foot discomfort or back issues during the winter seasons.

Boost cold resistance

Featuring multiple layers of insulation and advanced protective elements, our footwear is engineered to endure the harshest of cold weather conditions. They offer exceptional safeguarding against the elements and ensure your feet remain snug and comfortable during winter outdoor pursuits.

Sturdy and built to endure

Crafted from premium materials, our Arctic Winter Barefoot shoes are designed for long-lasting performance. Their robust construction and reinforced design guarantee exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. Rest assured, these boots are built to withstand the most challenging conditions and serve you well for an extended period.

A comfortable fit with ample support

Five-toe design that promotes natural movement and offers maximum flexibility. The ergonomic shape provides support to the arch of your foot, enhancing stability and guaranteeing a comfortable fit, even during extended periods of wear. Bid farewell to foot discomfort and relish your outdoor adventures to the fullest.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 220 reviews
Emily B.

not only warm and fleece-lined, but they also truly have a wide toe box

Dexter M.

Ever since I slipped into these shoes, I've felt nothing but warmth and coziness! The fleece-lined interior works wonders against the cold, guaranteeing utmost comfort with every step.

Connor P.


Mireil Fc.

Perfect for outdoors if you want the barefoot style in the winter

Vita H.

Top-notch quality. arctic shoes exceeds expectations with its blend of warmth, durability, and support.